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Data is important, and it is everywhere. Teachers collect all sorts of information about students. These data can inform and influence teachers how to teach, what to review, and what to adjust. Yet, some teachers may still not be aware of how to get data and how to use it. In this article, we will answer these questions: Where can you find data? And why is it important to use data in your classroom?

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No learner is the same. All require different pathways. There is no single class where all the students are exactly where the teacher wants them at the outset. To improve educational equality, teachers should be able to modify lessons to meet the needs of each student. Simply put, teachers have to differentiate instruction. The goal is to have students experience varying degrees of the same lesson. In this article, we will enumerate 8 strategies on how to best prepare students to reach grade level standards.

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Standardized testing has fueled a national debate in the last few decades. Some argue that standardized tests narrow the curriculum and encourage teacher-centered instruction. Many parents also don’t feel comfortable with the fact that their children are being judged on the basis of tests that puts too much emphasis on test scores, and too little on personal background, innovation, and critical thinking. In this post, we will answer the question, “Why does the United States use standardized testing?”

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What Is Rigor?

Rigor has been advancing in educational circuits, but many educators are still not familiar with the concept and how to support it within the classroom. Understanding rigor is vital in finding out how to approach and measure learning. Professional development for teachers can help them in this regard.

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