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Social-Emotional Learning

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Teaching children can be a very rewarding job, but when the classes are fairly large, it can be difficult to ensure that all children are receiving information in a way that they’ll be able to learn. This is where the importance of knowing your students comes in. The better you know your students in their capacity as learners, including their interests, weaknesses, and strengths, the easier it will be to help them to be successful in the academic setting.

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7 Tips on How to Achieve a Happy Classroom
A happy classroom is every teacher’s dream. This can be achieved without compromising academic results and the personal growth of your students. So how do you balance happiness and learning? Read on to learn tips on how to achieve a happy classroom.


How to Regain Your Passion for Teaching

More than just sharing knowledge, teaching is also about the ability to inspire. Teachers can impact the lives of students. They can mold beliefs and behaviors; they can set an example for others to follow. They can influence a student’s choice of degree course, university, and future career.


Behavior Management Strategies That Teachers Can Use

One of the enormous challenges of being a teacher is dealing with student misbehavior. It affects not only the teacher and the student involved, but the whole class as well. The goal of behavior management is to promote a positive classroom environment conducive to learning for all students. Provided below is a list of behavior management strategies that teachers can use to keep the classroom in order.


School Turnaround

School turnaround is a comprehensive intervention directed towards a low-performing school that produces significant gains in achievement, and readies the school for the process of transformation into a high-performing one.

It refers to the efforts being made by districts and states to improve student outcomes, build capacity, and sustain reforms. Professional development for educators and mentoring support for leaders can help them in this regard.

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