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Prioritizing Physical & Mental Health Despite Ongoing Stress Written by: Tiffany Creager, LSW, MSW   I was recently asked to come have a conversation with the staff at a non-profit agency about managing personal stress as they continue their great… Continue Reading…

Social-Emotional Learning

School faculty members know a range of techniques for helping to support the educational needs of their students, but what about the social-emotional needs? Far too many students are struggling with social-emotional needs, yet teachers are unaware or uncertain of how to handle them. Often, these students can be severely withdrawn from their peers or they can have a hard time following the rules and procedures of the classroom. So how can we identify and support students with social-emotional needs?


Teachers can be very busy with giving lessons, preparing lessons, extramural activities, families, and dealing with day-to-day living to the point that they forget to take care of themselves. Just like with any profession, it is easier to put your best foot forward daily if you are healthy. Here are some practical tips on how teachers can stay healthy.

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