Why Instructional Coaching is Critical by Dianne McKinley   If you want teachers to grow, thrive, and stay at your school, instructional coaching is critical.  Research is conclusive that the most important factor in children’s learning is the quality of… Continue Reading…

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Employability Skills: Mindset 5 ways to encourage lifelong learning and self-confidence in your classroom through the teaching of growth mindset By Tiffany Creager   Employability skills are a set of skills outside of technical or academic competencies that are desired… Continue Reading…

Book Lists

Teaching is a challenging job. Even before entering the classroom, teachers have to prepare schedules, lesson plans, and homework. They experience a mixed bag of feelings throughout their career: disappointment, frustration, joy, love, and triumph. Fortunately, there are books that provide real stories, tips, and motivation that will make teaching easier and more effective. The following is a list of the 10 best education books to read in 2019.

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We often hear the words, “just think positive”. But what does that mean and what is it meant to accomplish? Is positivity based just on what is said or is there more to it? Teachers can unleash the power of positivity into day-to-day activities, not just in the classroom to improve morale and overall performance, not just of the learners, but in themselves as well.


Top Trends in Education

Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that’s constant in life is change.” This saying also applies to education. With the ever-changing educational landscape, teachers should always be up-to-date with practices that help them to become more effective inside and outside the classroom by carefully vetting the latest trends to choose only those appropriate.

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