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Challenging Automatic Negative Thoughts: A Guide to Empowering Students By Tiffany Creager   Have you ever noticed some students seem to dwell on the negative? Perhaps you’ve even experienced times in your life when you were plagued with negativity, self-doubt,… Continue Reading…

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Simple Strategies for Big Worries Supporting Students with Anxiety by Tiffany Creager   Last December I wrote about prioritizing our adult mental wellness during times of stress and uncertainty. I was hopeful at the time that this year would feel… Continue Reading…


Not everyone can be an excellent educator. It takes a special kind of person to genuinely love a child like they are your own, because that is truly what it takes.

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Spring break is approaching. Whereas before you did not have enough time to read, now, you have enough to go through some great finds. If you’re a book person, there are plenty of interesting reads to help you unwind and gain new perspectives. As an educator, among those you should include in your list are young adult books and children’s books. Here, we will enumerate the 10 top books to read over spring break.

Social-Emotional Learning

There have been a number of studies over the past decade on the prevalence of depression and anxiety among students. It was found that around 25% of students have a diagnosable mental health condition. Of these students close to half of them do not seek treatment or ask for help. More than 80% struggle to cope on a daily basis and 50% suffer from such intense anxiety or depression that they fail in their studies or achieve much lower results than they would be capable of achieving under normal circumstances.

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