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Our virtual Staff Healing Solution Skills Groups are educational, supportive groups designed for building self-care skills. Our groups are modeled after the Mind-Body Skills Groups created by The Center’s Founder and Executive Director, James S. Gordon, MD, and the Senior Faculty of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine. To learn more about the Center of Mind Body Medicine, we encourage you to check out their website


This 5 week healing journey comes in the form of a highly supportive educational group led by advanced mind body medicine practitioner and social worker, Tiffany Creager, who will also act as a participant. This is not a therapy group, but is instead grounded in self-reflection, a sense of community, and the development of mind-body skills. The skills introduced will be presented in such a way that they can be easily integrated into your life in a real and practical way.  


The following skills will be introduced and practiced in the group context. 

  • Meditation – Several different kinds, including concentrative, mindfulness, and expressive meditations – all of which promote relaxed, moment to moment awareness.
  • Guided Imagery – To mobilize your imagination, to improve physiological functioning, and address concerns and problems that have previously resisted solutions.
  • Autogenic training & Biofeedback – To develop control over autonomic system functioning, reduce stress, and bring mind and body into balance.
  • Breath Work – Enhance your health through breath awareness
  • Movement – To release stress and increase energy.
  • Self expression – in words in journaling and drawing, to find solutions to previously insoluble problems


Pricing: $150/5 week session


Group participation will require:
*A desire to connect with, relate to, and understand others and their unique experience, equal to your own
* A commitment to 5 weekly sessions lasting up to 2 hours each. Groups will take place virtually at an agreed upon time.

Because we have limited space, we ask that you commit to the above requirements and please complete the following application. Thank you for your interest, we look forward to learning more about you.


Any questions about this group specifically can be directed to Tiffany Creager [email protected]

Meet Tiffany

Tiffany Creager is a licensed school social worker. She has a background as an Early Childhood Education Director where she collaborated with teachers, board members, and parents to create an environment in which students could thrive academically, socially, and emotionally no matter the family’s financial circumstance. She was a School Social Worker for close to 600 students and partnered with administrators, teachers, and parents to integrate trauma sensitive practices school-wide which enabled them to see office referrals for aggressive behavior decrease from 59 in the first nine weeks to less than 10 in the third nine weeks. Tiffany was also a Director of School-Based Services for a Community Mental Health Center where she collaborated with over twenty schools to integrate mental health services and provide supportive training for mental health providers and educators. Additionally, she provided clinical therapeutic services to youth, adults, and families.

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