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Meet Tiffany 

School Culture & SEL

Tiffany is a licensed social worker and advanced mind body medicine practitioner. She has worked as an early childhood education director, a school social worker, a director of school-based services for a community mental health center, and has provided clinical therapeutic services to youth, adults, and families. Tiffany has partnered with over twenty schools and youth and family serving agencies to provide professional development, mind body medicine skills groups, and supportive services. Her focus on healing centered engagement supports staff, students, and families alike in understanding the impact of stress, trauma, and adversity while working to heal individually and collectively. This work is foundational to student and staff success and well-being. 

Tiffany specializes in social and emotional learning, improving school culture and climate, applied educational neuroscience, trauma-informed schools, mind-body medicine, teacher retention, and supporting students’ and teachers’ mental health.


Support Your Staff’s Mental Health

How to Help Kids Stay Calm During Stressful Times

How to Integrate Habits into Your Day to Support Mental Health

Brain Health Tips for Educators- Stop and Breathe Technique


Cultivating Hope in the Classroom & Beyond

Cultivating Hope in the Classroom & Beyond

Building Empathy in the Classroom


Prioritizing Physical & Mental Health Despite Ongoing Stress

Prioritizing Physical & Mental Health Despite Ongoing Stress

10 Ways to Build Mental Health Systems and Supports

10 Ways to Build Mental Health Systems and Supports


Joe Shrode, Senior Outreach Manager, Indiana Youth Institute

“I just hosted a session at IYI’s SCAN conference featuring Tiffany Creager. She was great. I’m a big fan of many of the relaxation techniques she presented.”


Amanda Brophy, Principal of EES & Director of Learning

“Tiffany, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your recent PD on MTSS Tier 2 Behavioral Services and Supports. Our social worker is brand new this year and has struggled with finding resources. I was able to share the resources from your PD, and it looks like it is going to be a game changer for her. I really appreciate you sharing all of your knowledge! ”


Tracy, United Way

“I want to express my gratitude for the much-needed Mental Health training that Tiffany provided to my team today. I would really like to continue this training for my team and clients if this is ever possible. I will find the money for this training because it is PRICELESS! I told Tiffany today that I really did not want to attend this training, only because I was stressed out about time. I absolutely love Tiffany. This is my excuse for self-care, that I never have enough time for ME. So, starting today, I am going to change that mindset.”

“I feel like Tiffany is one of us” – “She gave us a lot of amazing nuggets” – “Great information very professional and personable” – “It was a non-threatening way to train that allowed us to get out of our comfort zone” – “Safe place to share” – “This would be helpful information to share with our clients” –“Loved the visuals” – “Loved the exercises” – “We need to utilize this information in support groups” – “I cried, but it was needed” – “I feel lighter”


Amy McCleery, 1st Grade Teacher

“I am grateful for Mrs. Creager’s influence upon our daily routines at Mt. Comfort Elementary. While she was at Mt. Comfort, she emphasized mindfulness and implemented cool-down zones in our classroom. She also initiated the Character Counts program —  in which students demonstrate strong character attributes rather than simply learn about them. I teach first grade, and the students who came into my room last year already knew how to reach into their “mental toolboxes” and retrieve tools that Mrs. Creager had put in them the year before so they could be successful each day and in every circumstance. I appreciate  Mrs. Creager’s  work in giving our students the building blocks they need for success in life.” 


Ashley Schenck, 5th Grade Teacher

“Mrs. Creager was an incredible asset to the students and staff within our building.  She had such an amazing way of connecting with students and helping staff members do the same.  I was truly blessed in my time of working with Mrs. Creager to learn so many skills that were helpful in working with students in my classroom.  For example, she taught myself and my class the ability to breathe and relax through times that may have caused anxiety, for example – state testing.  I saw so many students use these skills during testing each day and even after in the general classroom.  Mrs. Creager’s knowledge about mental health would be an asset to any organization or facility.”

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