Organizational Wellness

Organizational Wellness

Manage Stress and

Resolve Disagreements…

Skip the turmoil of unresolved conflicts.

Ditch the anxiety that stress brings.

Say goodbye to the strain on your well-being.


Organizational Wellness

Preparing you for any challenge!

Burnout to Balance

In this whole group session, staff will explore the significance of employees’ brain and body state and the impact on overall workplace climate and culture. They will practice concrete and simple strategies to boost morale, increase job satisfaction, and improve employee wellness.

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Sustainability Planning

We are dedicated to empowering organizations in fostering a culture of holistic wellbeing. We collaborate to develop targeted programming that resonates with the your values, ensuring a seamless integration into the fabric of your operations. By crafting customized resources, we lay the foundation for sustained progress, aligning with long-term goals for employee welfare. 

Staff Healing Solutions

Educational, supportive groups of 8-10 participants. Designed for building self-care skills. Our groups are modeled after the Mind-Body Skills Groups created by The Center’s Founder and Executive Director, James S. Gordon, MD, and the Senior Faculty of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

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“We were thrilled to have Tiffany Creager from INcompassing Education, LLC share her insights into incorporating self care into our leadership strategies. With Tiffany’s background in both education and social work, coupled with her training as an advanced Mind Body Medicine practitioner, she guided the cohort through practices that help complete the stress cycle and support regulation and healing.”

Dekalb Leads

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