Professional Development Calendar

This calendar houses all upcoming professional development opportunities both independently and held in conjunction with community partners, organizations, and schools. 

For more information about the events listed, or to register, please select the course name below. Those courses which do not have a link yet will be updated when a registration link is available. 


Aug 29, 2023 PD Pop: Effective Teaching and Learning for Mathematics (link coming soon!) WVEC


Sept 12, 2023 PD Pop: Effective Cooperative Learning Methods in the Math Classroom (link coming soon!) WVEC
Sept 26, 2023 PD Pop: Asking the Right Questions for a Thinking Classroom (link coming soon!) WVEC


Oct. 10, 2023 PD Pop: Rich Mathematical Problems and Tasks (link coming soon!) WVEC
Oct. 24, 2023 PD Pop: Making Formative and Summative Assessments Meaningful and Useful for Students and Teachers (link coming soon!) WVEC


June 8, 2023 Employability Skills Part 1: Mindset and Learning Strategies (link coming soon) IYI
June 8, 2023 College and Career Readiness: Mental Health Edition (link coming soon) IYI
June 14-15 ISHN Conference   
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