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Why hire a part-time Mental Health Coordinator?

What does a Mental Health Coordinator do?

Mental Health Coordinator Job Description

Titles: SEL Director, MH Coordinator


More than ever we are recognizing the importance of integrating mental health supports and social emotional learning into our schools’ policies, procedures, and classrooms. Youth and adult anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation are on the rise at an alarming rate. With these struggles come bigger behavioral problems, less engagement, higher levels of absenteeism, and increased turnover of staff. An SEL and Mental Health Coordinator can help assess current strengths and areas of opportunity while collaborating with district and building level leaders to design and implement a comprehensive plan that will meet the unique needs of the district in question. 


Job Description: Collaborate with school leaders to create or strengthen a district-wide comprehensive mental health support system. Provide support, guidance, professional development, and resources to ensure social emotional learning and mental health supports benefit all students. 



  • Assist district and building leaders in planning, developing and implementing a comprehensive mental health system
  • Guide the development of structures and supports that outline clear roles and responsibilities and referral process for tiered supports
  • Ensure mental health systems and supports aligns with the district’s vision and mission
  • Assist and facilitate staff professional development as it relates to social emotional learning and mental health supports
  • Work with school leaders to build relationships with community partners to build student and staff supports
  • Collaborate with a team to review school policies to ensure alignment with SEL and wellness goals. 



  • Initial meeting and assessment with district/building level leaders
    • Audit of current practices, services, policies, and resources
    • Plan development
  • Monthly minimum of one full day in each building
    • Professional development
    • Observations
    • Supporting MTSS team
    • Coaching
  • Access to full library of videos and resources
  • Monthly newsletter


My blogs that support this position:

Meet Tiffany Creager, LSW, MSW

Tiffany Creager is a licensed school social worker, MSW, LSW. She has a background as an Early Childhood Education Director where she collaborated with teachers, board members, and parents to create an environment in which students could thrive academically, socially, and emotionally no matter the family’s financial circumstance. She was a School Social Worker for close to 600 students and partnered with administrators, teachers, and parents to integrate trauma sensitive practices school-wide which enabled them to see office referrals for aggressive behavior decrease from 59 in the first nine weeks to less than 10 in the third nine weeks. Tiffany was also a Director of School-Based Services for a Community Mental Health Center where she collaborated with over twenty schools to integrate mental health services and provide supportive training for mental health providers and educators. Additionally, she provided clinical therapeutic services to youth, adults, and families.

Tiffany specializes in social and emotional learning, trauma-informed schools, mindfulness, and supporting students’ and teachers’ mental health. She (and a co- presenter) recently partnered with the Indiana School Mental Health Initiative to provide training across the state of Indiana aimed at supporting the mental health of students in the classroom.

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