Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

How Can We Help You?

Hiring full-time staff members can be time-consuming and costly. On top of that, hiring staff to fill district-level positions can be challenging as you seek to find the perfect candidate. Many medium-sized to small school corporations have decided to maximize their budget’s impact by contracting with INcompassing Education to achieve their goals and maximize their success. We can help you achieve your mission by providing corporation-level support for a fraction of the cost for positions such as Instructional Coach, Mental Health Coordinator, Curriculum Coach, and more.

Benefits of Contracted Support

  • Lower Cost – you don’t have to pay insurance, disability, retirement, taxes, etc.
  • Wider Scope of Work – you don’t have to hire one person and hope that they have expertise in many areas. Instead INcompassing Ed can support many areas for the cost of hiring one staff member. No one staff position can support all content areas with equal expertise.
  • Limited commitment- contract specialists can support your work for as long as you have the funding, there is no commitment to maintain a staff position year in and year out.
  • Sustainability- contract specialists can train your full-time staff on the systems and structures that allow the work to move forward after they are gone.
  • Expertise- our specialists receive top quality training at our expense, not yours. You reap the benefits of having top-notch trainers and coaches supporting your staff without the added expense of sending a pricey full-time staff member to national conferences to be trained in the latest educational techniques. Additionally, our specialists work with schools throughout the state of Indiana and are able to share high-quality instructional practices with your staff.


Our SEL and Mental Health Coordinator, Tiffany Creager, can help assess current strengths and areas of opportunity while collaborating with district and building level leaders to design and implement a comprehensive plan that will meet the unique needs of your school district.

Our content area Specialists can provide support through professional development, observation and feedback, one-on-one instructional modeling, coaching, mentoring and more. 

  • Elementary Math and S.T.E.A.M. Specialist, Mandy Morris
  • Secondary Math and S.T.E.M. Specialist, Bill, Reed
  • K-12 ELA Specialist, April Connelley
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