Coaching Support

Do you want staff to grow, thrive, and STAY at your school?

Do you provide professional development year after year, but see very little growth in the classroom? Are your student achievement scores stagnant or have they declined?


We provide coaching for your teachers and counselors so that they are able to implement new learning and see results in academic achievement and behavioral outcomes. Research is conclusive that the most effective professional development that results in academic growth is instructional coaching.

Why you should hire a coach

  • You spend time and money on professional development every year and are not getting concrete results with increased student achievement.

  • Student behavior and school culture are not getting better.

  • Teachers are disinterested or look for ways to avoid new professional learning opportunities.

  • You don’t have enough substitutes to cover classes for teachers to attend PD.

  • You don’t have an onsite instructional coach OR your instructional coach is not an expert in all content areas. (Who is?)

  • Your counselor and social worker are overloaded with student referrals.

  • You have a hard time recruiting new teachers or new teachers leave within the first 3 years.

  • You want a positive school culture where students excel, but you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock. 

  • You want teachers to grow, thrive, and STAY at your school.

Additional Benefits to You:

Savings- When you hire our coaches, you don’t have to pay the salary, insurance, and other benefits for a full-time employee, but get all of the benefits of a highly knowledgeable coach. 


Time- When you work with our coaches, you will save the time it would take you to interview, hire, and on-board a new staff member.

Why coaching works

1. Individualized Support and Attention

Educators who work with a coach have a thought partner who is on their side and has the goal of helping them to continuously improve.

Our coaches offer a sense of belonging that helps teachers, counselors, and leaders feel like an important part of the school community. When you hire a coach, you provide this for your staff.

This enables you to retain high-quality teachers, counselors and leaders.


2. Content Knowledge

Our coaches are experts in their fields. They have time to dig in to new research and best practices. They work with many educators and leaders so that they are able to see examples of high-quality work. They curate new materials and resources. By working with our coaches, your teachers, counselors and leaders will have the benefit of all of this which saves you time and money.                                                                                                                                                                           

3. Growth Mindset

Our coaches support educators’ growth mindset. Coaches and educators work together to set goals, create a plan, develop action steps, and celebrate accomplishments.

How to Hire an INcompasssing ED Coach for Your School

  1. Reach out to us to discuss your needs.
  2. Monthly, a coach will observe, train, model, conference with, set goals, and build a strong relationship with your teachers or counselor to maximize their professional growth. 
  3. You will receive regular updates and be able to monitor student achievement or behavior goals.

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