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The 411 on the IN SAT Assessment Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section – The Reading Test   The ability to read for understanding, information, comprehension, and context are the important aspects of the Reading Test in the Evidenced-Based Reading and… Continue Reading…

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The 411 on the SAT Assessment Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section – Writing and Language Test   The ability to read, write, understand, and use language properly to edit and correct passages are the important aspects of the Writing and… Continue Reading…

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The 411 on the SAT Assessment The Math Section – Calculator and No Calculator   The SAT Math Section usually brings up great anxiety from students especially when they are taking the Math Test – No Calculator part of this… Continue Reading…

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The 411 on the SAT Assessment  Now part of an Indiana H.S. Graduation Pathway   It is extremely important for Administrators, Teachers, Parents and especially Students to understand exactly what the SAT Assessment is and how it is written. Knowing… Continue Reading…

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The Things People Say About Math Once in a great while, I hear someone say, “I Love Math!” or “I enjoyed my math classes,” and it gives me a warm, comforting feeling inside. Sadly, what I often hear people say… Continue Reading…

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If you are an educator or parent, then you have likely spent some time thinking about the best ways to teach children to read. If you are a parent or educator with a struggling reader, you have probably agonized over… Continue Reading…

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A properly designed school curriculum stands on the firm pillars of defined scope and concrete sequence. The statement of scope and sequence describes the content and skills that a student needs to master in progressive order by the end of the session. The way teachers create a scope and sequence depends upon what they anticipate from their students to acquire from the school curriculum. It is an arduous job that requires a lot of patience and in-depth knowledge of the subject, but it can be boiled down to three simple steps.

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No learner is the same. All require different pathways. There is no single class where all the students are exactly where the teacher wants them at the outset. To improve educational equality, teachers should be able to modify lessons to meet the needs of each student. Simply put, teachers have to differentiate instruction. The goal is to have students experience varying degrees of the same lesson. In this article, we will enumerate 8 strategies on how to best prepare students to reach grade level standards.

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Figuring out how to improve students’ success in math can be a bit of a trial and error situation depending on the math level, students, and the teaching methods employed. Students don’t necessarily need to have an aptitude for math; they can improve by putting in the effort and having the right attitude towards learning the subject matter. In this article, we will provide some tips on how to improve students’ success in math.

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In order to become lifelong learners who understand scientific, historical, and social issues, students must be able to read the works of others, evaluate its worth, and share the results of their research and experience through writing. In this article, we will discuss 7 ways to integrate social studies and science into your reading block.

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