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SAT: Process and Literacy Standards for Science Written by Bill Reed   Many people think the two most important subjects on the SAT Assessment are English and Mathematics. That is NOT a true statement. The most important subjects on the… Continue Reading…


Teaching Organizational Skills by Tiffany Creager   One of the top ten New Year resolutions each year is to get organized. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t always on my list of things I’d like to change about… Continue Reading…

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Simple Strategies for Big Worries Supporting Students with Anxiety by Tiffany Creager   Last December I wrote about prioritizing our adult mental wellness during times of stress and uncertainty. I was hopeful at the time that this year would feel… Continue Reading…

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Understanding and Addressing Stress in the Classroom By Tiffany Creager   Stress is a part of life and it can even be helpful! We perform better under some level of stress, it can motivate us to reach our goals and… Continue Reading…

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Have Your Students Trained You? Written by Bill Reed   My guess is if I ask teachers who have taught for more than one year, they can name a student they know who will come to class without any materials… Continue Reading…

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Things People Say About Math Written by Bill Reed   Once in a great while, I hear someone say, “I Love Math!” or “I enjoyed my math classes,” and it gives me a warm, comforting feeling inside. Sadly, what I… Continue Reading…



While schools are still deciding when students will be able to return to school, the one thing we know is that we will eventually be back in the classroom again. Heading back to school will look different this year. Teachers will be taking precautions to keep students and themselves safe. The CDC has provided schools with recommendations to help lower the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. One of the recommendations is to wear a face mask to help stop the spread of germs. We put together a list of FUN face masks to give your return to school a little extra pizzazz. Check out our list of top 10 face masks for teachers.

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A properly designed school curriculum stands on the firm pillars of defined scope and concrete sequence. The statement of scope and sequence describes the content and skills that a student needs to master in progressive order by the end of the session. The way teachers create a scope and sequence depends upon what they anticipate from their students to acquire from the school curriculum. It is an arduous job that requires a lot of patience and in-depth knowledge of the subject, but it can be boiled down to three simple steps.


The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are voice-controlled devices that use Amazon’s Alexa. In some ways, it is like Siri, but has the ability to connect to other features and apps. The only difference between the Echo and Echo Dot is that the former has better sound quality and is more expensive than the latter. You can set up various “skills” through the Alexa app. This, plus the fact that such devices are relatively inexpensive, makes these smart speakers ideal for use in the classroom. Do you want to know how to use Echo, Echo Dot, and Alexa in the classroom? Read on to find out.

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