Here at INcompassing Education, we believe that building a positive school culture and school climate largely depends on the quality of relationships. It requires consistency and commitment from administrators, teachers, and students. Through professional development and educational consulting, we can help struggling schools turn things around.

BehaviorSpecial Education

Alternative education pertains to approaches to teaching and learning aside from traditional public or private schools. Also called non-traditional education or educational alternative, this approach can be applied to students of all ages.


What is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports? Also known as PBIS, it is a program that schools use to improve student behavior. It integrates classroom management, school-wide discipline strategies, and effective academic instruction to create a positive school environment for students. PBIS is one of the areas covered by professional development in education.


In an ideal setting, a classroom should have a teacher facilitating lessons, while the students are carefully listening, learning, and collaborating about a particular subject. But in reality, that scenario may be different from what’s happening in many classrooms.

Usually, teachers have students with difficult behavior problems in their classrooms. These students engage in behaviors that can be disruptive to the whole class. It can set off a chain reaction, affecting not only the teacher but other students as well. Educational consulting and professional development can help educators develop skills on how to address this issue.


Classroom management is the process of making sure that lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. It is the series of actions that teachers do to create a successful learning environment. For many teachers, it is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. In fact, some teachers leave the profession because they find it hard to manage classrooms. Professional development aims to help educators by teaching them classroom management strategies.