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The Easiest and Best Homemade Chicken and Noodle Recipe (and exactly what NOT to do for Math Instruction)

Students could make connections to the How, When, and Why for the mathematics they are learning while using a recipe and it becomes something that they enjoy!

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Excellent Resources for Mathematically Rich Tasks



NRich Maths


Shell Centre 


Bowland Maths



Can You Explain Why These Problems Work Mathematically?

  1. Think of a number.
  2. Multiply it by 3.
  3. Add 6.
  4. Divide this number by 3.
  5. Subtract the number from Step 1 from the answer in Step 4.


I am so clervoyant that I know your answer will be 2! Am I right?

  1. Think of any three-digit number in which each of the digits is the same. Examples include 333, 666, 777, and 999.
  2. Add up the digits.
  3. Divide the three-digit number by the answer in Step 2.


The answer is 37! I am right, aren’t I?!?


This one will  work either forward or backwards

  1. Take any three-digit number and write it twice to make a six-digit number. Examples include 371371 or 552552.
  2. Divide the number by 7.
  3. Divide it by 11.
  4. Divide it by 13.


The order in which you do the division is unimportant!

The answer will always be the original three-digit number.

Examples: 371371 gives you 371 or 552552 gives you 552.


  1. A related trick is to take any three-digit number.
  2. Multiply it by 7, 11, and 13.


The result will be a six-digit number that repeats the three-digit number.

Example: 456 becomes 456456.

Great Free Posters for Math! Yours for the Asking

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics – Free Posters

American Mathematical Society – Free Posters

International Center for Mathematical SciencesFree Posters

NASAFree Posters


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