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To all of the amazing teachers, THANK YOU!

Well, another school year is winding down. Teachers will finally have some downtime to rest and recuperate for another long and difficult year. I just want to say, as I have traveled to all corners of the state, I have met, seen, and talked to the most amazing teachers! I have shared many ideas and been privileged to learn many new and exciting things from the teachers I have worked with this year. You all have not received anywhere near the recognition and accolades you all so richly deserve! I wish I could go around to every teacher and thank them personally. That is obviously not possible. The best I can do is pen this tribute to all that you have done this year.


What is a Teacher?

A Teacher is a person who cares for your child, their well-being, and their learning as much as if they were their own child.
A Teacher is a person who makes sure they give your child a quality educational experience every day.
A Teacher is a person who eats their lunch on the fly, spends hours outside the school day, and rarely takes a break throughout the day.
A Teacher is a person who did not get into the profession for the money, but because they have a calling and a passion for what they do.
A Teacher is a person who gives of themselves every school day, knowing they will not get any extra pay or recognition for all they do.
A Teacher is a special blend of care, concern, hope, encouragement, knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm, and showmanship.
A Teacher is the person who makes sure your child has the skills and abilities to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.
A Teacher is the person who gives everything they have throughout the year and then comes back the following year to do it all over again.
A Teacher is the person who does everything in their power to change the lives of their students for the better every time they walk into the classroom.

Teachers are a very special gift we have all been given to start our journey for the rest of our lives!
We all need to be thankful for all they do!
Thank you, Teachers, Thank you!

Help yourself feel better and bring a ray of sunshine to those around you. 

This time of year everyone’s energy tank is on fumes or empty altogether. When I was in the classroom a simple way to recharge a little and also recharge those around me was easy. Do a random act of kindness. Something as simple as a bagel, a doughnut, or a cup of coffee goes a long way to change the mood and attitude of those around you, especially when it is unexpected. Not only will it bring joy to those around you but you will feel better seeing another person’s happiness. Try it. You will be amazed at how good you will feel and how much goodwill it will bring to those around you. I promise you you will not be disappointed with the outcome.


For ideas of what you can do, big or small, check out!

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An invaluable lesson that helps students perform their best is teaching students appropriate self-advocacy.  Students who have 504 plans and I.E.P.s need to learn how to appropriately advocate for the accommodation(s) afforded to them in their plan. Regular education students also need to be taught and shown how to appropriately ask for help and assistance as needed. When students learn how to appropriately ask for assistance, they are not only set up for success in the classroom but also for life after high school. 

Teacher Resources

The Math Simulator Most Science Teachers Already Know About- but what about MATH TEACHERS?

If you ask a Science Teacher about using PhET Simulations most of them will tell you they know about the site and have used their resources. Most math teachers do not know about this resource and have never used it. PhET Math and Science Simulations are provided by the University of Colorado, Boulder, and can be found at:


PhET contains many Math and Science simulations for elementary through college-age students and classes. They specialize in Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Biology, and Math simulations. If you haven’t looked at these resources it is a great time to see how you can integrate them into your lesson. Not only does PhET have excellent simulations but they also correlate each simulation to the appropriate standard(s), give the teaching goals for the simulation, along with teaching resources and activities for each simulation. The best part is most of the PhET Simulations are already translated into many different languages so they are accessible for almost all students.

“Have I got a deal for you!!!” Best Math and Science Professional Development book and at the best possible price!

I know this is not the newest professional resource book out there today. I still feel it is one of the very best books to help math and science teachers improve their instruction! The book is NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All. It can help improve a math or science teacher’s work with students in the classroom. Most books like this cost $25 – $40 dollars. NCTM has an amazing option. It is a $4.99 download.

Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All offers guidance to teachers, specialists, coaches, administrators, policymakers, and parents:

  • Builds on the Principles articulated in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics to present six updated Guiding Principles for School Mathematics
  • Supports the first Guiding Principle, Teaching and Learning, with eight essential, research-based Mathematics Teaching Practices
  • Details the five remaining Principles—the Essential Elements that support Teaching and Learning as embodied in the Mathematics Teaching Practices
  • Identifies obstacles and unproductive and productive beliefs that all stakeholders must recognize, as well as the teacher and student actions that characterize effective teaching and learning aligned with the Mathematics Teaching Practices

Not only can you download the book but there are many wonderful resources that can also be downloaded and used in conjunction with the book. These are excellent K – 12 resources that every math and science teacher can use to make their instruction better. These resources can be found at: These resources are available to everyone. If you or a staff member is an NCTM Member there are even more resources available to use. If you decide to take advantage of this excellent opportunity, contact me, Bill Reed at [email protected] and I will share ideas for you to get the most out of these excellent resources for your teachers.

Best Value for the money to help math teachers with new ideas, current research, and instructional best practices for math teaching and learning.

Administrators do you want to be a leader for your math teachers. Do you want to provide them with new ideas to use in the classroom? Have them read about the current research and best practices in math instructions. The best value anywhere is to get your school an Institutional Subscription to the Mathematics Teacher: Teaching and Learning PK-12 journal from NCTM (National Council of Teacher of Mathematics).

For only $173 per year your math teachers will get the latest information, ideas, research, and pedagogy for teaching and learning math. That is incredibly cheap professional development for your math teachers. It is something that can be passed around and discussed by all the math teachers at your school. For $50 more you can get them access online to all the past journals from 1908 – 2019.

What a great and inexpensive way for you to get resources for your math teachers they can use in their classrooms that are vetted quality resources! Visit for more information. If you decide to take advantage of this excellent opportunity, contact Bill Reed at [email protected] and he will share ideas for you to get the most out of these excellent resources for your teachers.


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