Fall Classroom Bulletin Board Decorations

Fall Classroom Bulletin Board Decorations

Fall Classroom Bulletin Board Decorations

Fall is upon us and decorating makes the season even more exciting! Check out these Fall classroom bulletin board decoration ideas to add some pumpkins spice to your classroom.


Fall Camping Nook

Check out this super-fun reading nook all set up for camping this fall. The log cushions and firepit make this the envy of any classroom teacher. 


Create the Look

Autumn Bulletin Board Border

Woodland Friends Welcome Bulletin Board Set

White Round Rug

Decorative Campfire Centerpiece

Wood Log Circle Pillows

Teepee Tent for Kids




Harvest Feast

Give your classroom the look and feel of a bountiful harvest feast with this easy plan.


Create the Look

Welcome Autumn Bulletin Board Set

Tree Bulletin Board Set 

Fall Leaves 

Mini Rattan Pumpkin Shaped Baskets 

Yellow Plastic Tablecloths

Red Table Runner

 Mixture of Artificial Pumpkins, Gourds, Acorns, & Maple Leaves 



Welcome Fall

Welcome Fall in with a little style! This stylish look can be changed up with different color backgrounds. Be sure to add your students’ names to each of the leaves to gather in their excitement. 



Create the Look

Stylish Black and White Scalloped Border

Large 6-Piece Tree Cutout with Leaves

Fall Leaves Colorful Cut-Outs

Hello Bulletin Board Set 

Woodland Whimsy | Animals Colorful Cut-Outs


Happy Fall

Add a little extra pizazz to your classroom or hallway with this bright board. Try an orange, red, or yellow background for even more color!



Create the Look

Twinkle Twinkle You’re A STAR! Painted Dots Straight Borders

Stylish Black and White Scalloped Border
Mini Apple Cutouts

To-Go Cups Bulletin Board Cutouts

Jarcgoer Paper Fan Flowers 

Buffalo Checkered Plaid Banner


What’s Next


Wishing you tons of decorating fun this Fall season! Be sure to check out our Christmas decorating ideas to be ready for December!

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