Teacher Gifts for Any Occasion

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Teacher Gifts for Any Occasion


Even if you are an educator yourself, choosing the perfect gift for your child’s teacher can be HARD! You want the gift to show your appreciation for all of his/her hard work. Adding a personal twist makes it even better. Finding something that they don’t already have and finding a gift that teachers actually want is the icing on the cake. But, how do you do that? Let’s face it, choosing the perfect teacher gift can be HARD and often ends up with teachers getting yet another coffee mug! Check out this guide to make your teacher gift giving easier and find gifts that teachers actually want.


Thank them for all of their hard work

Teachers put in countless hours planning for lessons, preparing materials, conferencing with parents, writing newsletters, organizing field trips, attending professional development, supporting students’ emotional needs, addressing academic concerns, providing additional support, and so much more! A gift is a way to say a small “Thank You” for going the extra mile with kids. Here are a few ideas that will thank your child’s teacher for all the hard work!

Cookies in a Jar


Mason jar- These jars are the perfect size for gum, candy, or home-make cookies. They come in a set of 3 which makes it the perfect to give to one to your child’s classroom teacher and have two others to give to a special areas teacher (art, music, PE), the principal, nurse, or any other adult at school that has been special in your child’s education. Plus, they come with a sealable lid and a super cute chalkboard label that you can write on to make it personalized.

Popcorn Bucket with Candy

  • Movie Night– grab a plastic popcorn bucket and fill it with a gift card, candy, and popcorn for the perfect movie night teacher’s gift. If your child’s teacher prefers a night at home, check out the Redbox Movie Night Care Package. This gift option is easy to duplicate by buying your candy in bulk if your child has several teachers and this will save you money.
  • Gift Cards to Theaters- AMC, Regal, Fandango
  • Popcorn Bucket
  • Candy – Grab all of your teacher’s movie theater favorites like Buncha Crunch, Sweet Tarts, M&M’s, Swedish Fish, Mike & Ike, Cookie Dough , and Milk Duds.
  • Popcorn
  • Redbox Movie Night Care Package– 1 Night DVD Rental Code Gift Card For Redbox, 2 Act II Butter Lovers Popcorn 1 2.7oz Skittles 1 2oz Sour Patch Kids 1 1.69oz M&M’s 1 1.8oz Hot Tamales 1 1.5oz Black Forest Gummy Bears 1 1.53oz Reese’s 1 2.07oz Starburst 1 1.8oz Mike and Ike


Nail shop gift card– find out your teacher’s favorite nail shop and stop in to purchase a gift card. Pair this with a special note from your child and voila, the perfect pampering gift.


Jar full of notes from students– If you are the room parent, or know who is, this can be a fantastic heartfelt gift. Choose a beautiful glass jar and cut some cute note cards in half for students to write on. By cutting them in half, your teacher will be able to pull them out easily and it will provide you with double the number of cards. You can send these home so that students can write them privately or with a parent’s help.


Gift Card from a local restaurant that delivers to the school– For many teachers, lunchtime is filled with hurried trips to the restroom, stopping by their office mailbox, making copies, checking emails, and occasionally they scarf down some food. Bring a special lunch experience to your child’s teacher by providing him/her with a gift card to a local restaurant that delivers to the school. When you do, your teacher will find the time to sit down and enjoy a well-deserved meal and a bit of a break!


Spa Gift Card- If your child’s teacher likes to be pampered, this is the perfect option. Most spas have a variety of services such as facials, massage, nails, and much more. With a gift certificate, he/she can choose the service. This is also a great way to support local businesses.


Teacher Kits- grab these adorable zip pouches and fill them with things that teachers love like gift cards, special pens, markers, candy, coins for the soda machine in the lounge, or anything your child’s teacher loves!

Teacher Survival Kit

Teacher Survival Kit (General)

Teacher Survival Bag

Best Teacher Ever Kit (8 total- 2 designs, 4 of each)

Music Teacher

Teacher Survival Kit (Music Teacher)


Supplies for the Classroom

Teachers often have to pay for supplies out of their own pockets. Even if they have a small supply budget at the beginning of the year, most supplies have dwindled by December and it is up to them to replenish them. Help them to restock things in your child’s classroom and feel like a superhero!



  • Games that help students learn- Games are used for a variety of purposes in classrooms. Whether they are using during center time, indoor recess, or for other learning opportunities, they allow students to strategize, think critically, problem-solve, and so much more. Check out these great additions to your child’s classroom.

Scotch Laminating

  • Personal laminator– Sure, there is a laminator in most schools, however teachers are often limited to what they can laminate, how much they can laminate, and when they can laminate. Having a personal laminator can alleviate the stress of getting this task accomplished for a low cost.



  • Office chair– Have you seen the teacher’s chairs in your child’s classroom? Need we say more? All kidding aside, teachers spend a lot of time in uncomfortable chairs while working with students. Here are some great options (click the image to see details):

Office Exercise Chair

  • Unique BookendTeachers take pride in their classrooms and bookshelves are a big part of the room. Grab a bookend that will add to the style and aesthetic of the classroom.


Essential Oil Diffusor

Make it PersonalEveryone loves to see their name in print. It adds a special touch and exclaims that this person is important. Find unique gifts for your child’s teacher that allow you to add that personal touch to make him/her feel extra special.

Personalized Bag

  • Personalized Tote– Teachers carry a LOT of stuff to and from the classroom. Help them do that in style.

Drinking Tumbler

  • Teacher Tumbler– While coffee mugs are given far too frequently, tumblers are all the rage. Find a funny tumbler such as this one and you will be sure to make your teacher smile.


  • Custom lanyard– Yep, teachers need lanyards. They have keys to their classrooms, ID’s, and key cards to enter the building that they have to keep up with. Due to safety measures, they need to have these things with them at all times. Lanyards make that manageable. Upgrade your child’s teacher’s lanyard with a custom one or a stylish option for fashion-forward teachers. Both lanyards shown are fitted with breakaways which is extremely important in a school setting.



  • Gift basket – Choose a beautiful basket and fill it with things like sharpies, markers, paperclips, school-themed little sign, Altoids, first aid kit, candy, or whatever your child’s teacher will enjoy.

Teacher Planner

  • Teacher notebook or planner– Teachers have to plan for everything! Make that time spent more pleasant with a beautiful, high-quality planner.



Find something they don’t already have

This task can be easier said than done, especially if you do not know your child’s teacher well. Even if you have spent time with him/her it is impossible to know everything they own. If you want to be sure not to duplicate things they currently have or will be given by other students, give them the opportunity to choose something themselves. Many teachers claim that gift cards are their favorite gifts! You can’t go wrong with the choices below.


  • Amazon Gift Cards– Teachers LOVE Amazon! They can purchase things for their classroom, items for their homes, or anything they can think of. If you pair this with Amazon Prime, not only will they get a great gift, but they will get it within 2 days!
  • Give the Gift of Amazon Prime– You can give the gift of Amazon Prime for 3 months or a year! Teachers can then use Prime for all of their classroom needs.
  • Starbuck gift card– Coffee and teaching go hand-in-hand. Brighten your child’s teacher’s day with coffee “on the house”.
  • Target gift card– You can’t be a teacher and not go on Target Runs! Give your teacher the gift of fun with free shopping on their next Target Run.
  • Audible Gift Membership– Audible is a fantastic gift for the classroom. Teachers have little time to read. They are busy with so many things. With Audible, teachers can listen to professional books or books for pleasure on their commute to school every day, while grading papers or planning lessons, or while waiting for their own children to finish their extra-curricular activities. PLUS, teachers can use Audible in the classroom so that students can listen to age-appropriate books as well!



Finding the perfect gift for your child’s teacher can be difficult. Our gift-giving guide simplifies your life. By choosing a gift from the guide, teachers will receive gifts that they love, appreciate, and won’t add one more coffee mug to their Good Will donation collection.


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