Top 15 Amazon Products for Your Classroom Under $15

Top 15 Amazon Products Under $15 for Your Classroom

Written and compiled by Dianne McKinley

Whether you are a brand new teacher starting out or a seasoned professional, you always need new items for your classroom each year. You might be replacing worn-out or missing items or adding some extra items to your home away from home. Below are the top 15 items on Amazon for less than $15 that you can use to freshen up your classroom this school year!


You can send this blog to your room parent or anyone who donates to your classroom and they will have a one-stop-shop for inexpensive items that will take your classroom to the next level!


1. Dry Erase Vinyl Dots for Desks and Tables

These are super useful and oh so cute! We love this creative way to add some color and depart from boring white boards. Use them in small groups at a table or place them on students’ desks to increase their classroom engagement.



2. Clipboards (set of 6)

Clipboards are a great way to give your students flexible seating options in a practical way. Students can virtually sit or stand anywhere and do great writing both in and out of the classroom. There are a million ways to get your money’s worth out of these beauties.




3. Scissors (24 pack)

There are never enough scissors! Where do they go? Replenishing scissors is an every-year occurrence. You can’t beat this price.






4. Teacher’s Desk Name Plate

This fun name place will add a little extra pizzazz to your room’s décor.





5. Inspirational Posters (15 in a set)

Everyone can use a little inspiration. This inexpensive set is printed on a trendy chalkboard background that is sure to give your classroom great style.


6. Desk Bells (3 pack)
Can you even survive without a bell? Well, maybe it’s possible, but I wouldn’t recommend it. A desk bell can be a great way to signal your students, no matter what their age, non-verbally. Use it to begin and end work time, rotate groups, as a game buzzer, and so much more!






7. Hanging File Organizer


Organization is KEY to a stress-free day. Teaching is hectic enough without a messy desk to make you even more frazzled. Use this great hanging file organizer to get important papers off of your desk and neatly stored.





8. Magnetic Easy Staple Remover

Staples, oh staples! Every teacher has to remove staples. Whether it is from bulletin boards, documents you want to scan, or from papers that students when “staple crazy” on we always have a need to remove staples. These easy-to-use magnetic staple removers will allow you to remove the staples without damaging the paper and the magnet helps you to easily dispose of staples.



9. Liquid Chalk Markers (Pack of 12)
How fun are these? Liquid. . .chalk. . .markers. Enough said.








10. Book/Folder/Magazine Organizer Boxes (Set of 12)

These are great organizers for so many things. Set up a classroom library, have students place folders, or even store books in these. With this price, you can’t go wrong!


11. Wooden Letter Tiles                                                           Do you do word work with your students? These wooden letter tiles are great for word work! They are easy to slide and manipulate and won’t get torn like paper letter cards.






12. Elmer’s Disappearing Glue Sticks (60 Pack.    You can’t live without glue in a classroom and we all know that not all glue sticks are created equally. These Elmer’s glue sticks will be just what you are looking for to last the whole school year.







13. The Ultimate Fidget Tools for Students with ADHD

Do you work with students? Then, chances are that you will work with at least one student diagnosed with ADHD. These fidget tools are NOT toys. They are a great way to help students suffering from ADHD to focus on the task at hand.




14. Pencil/Pen Holders (4 Pack).         Grab these and keep all of your pencils, pens, makers neat and organized on your desk, writing center, or table top for students.




15. 3-Hole Punch                     
This pick is a few cents over $15, but worth the extra change! It can take the extra wear and tear it will take in a busy classroom. It requires little pressure to operate and is very accurate.







These 15 items under $15 are sure to help you get off the ground running with your classroom this year. Just because you want items that are inexpensive, doesn’t mean you want them to be cheap. Put these quality items on your classroom wish list or click to purchase them yourself.


Dianne McKinley, Ed.S.
INcompassing Education

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