7 Best Things Educators Enjoy Doing During a Staycation

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7 Best Things Educators Enjoy Doing During a Staycation


With budgets being tight, some educators may no longer afford annual vacations that include hotel stays, airline tickets and vehicle hire. Many people are now looking at cheaper alternatives. This may include road trips to visit friends and family, but one of the most popular ideas taking hold is that of the staycation. This means a vacation where you stay at your home country but still have tons of fun. What are some things educators enjoy doing on staycations?



A fun outing for an educator may include adding some education into a day of fun. This can include visits to the local history museum, an art museum, or even a natural museum. This trip can also include botanical gardens, bird parks, zoos, sports museums or stadiums and even places that celebrate cars and other forms of transport. Look up some architectural wonders in your local area and find out a bit more about the history behind the buildings and the people who put them together. Put on your tourist hat and tour your local places of interest.


Pools and Beaches

One of the things educators enjoy doing on staycations include relaxing on the beach, by the lake, or at the local community pool. This is a wonderful way to rest and recharge while taking in some fresh air and sunshine. Grab this CUTE pool/beach bag to organize all of your gear! (Amazon)


Movies and Shows

When on vacation, you can catch up on movies you might have wanted to see but didn’t have the time. Go watch movies in a cinema, rent a DVD, watch a move on Netflix or loan one from the library. Go to the theater or the opera. Have some time out for pure entertainment. This is a great way to relax and unwind and not think about much except what you are watching.


Do Some Shopping

One of the things educators enjoy doing on staycations includes a trip to the mall for some retail therapy. The local mall has all sorts of stores and you can even have a meal and do some people watching. You might also want to visit local markets for produce or crafts. These are all fun things you would usually not take the time out to do. You can always grab some cute summer items on Amazon!


Do Some Exercise 

Take part in group sports such as tennis and baseball with family and friends for some enjoyment. Set up a volleyball net in your garden. Grab your bikes and go for a ride on bike trails through nature or even your local park. Take a walk. Play a round of golf. Whatever you choose to do, exercise can be fun and a great way to relax and blow off some of the stress.


Read a Book

Another one of the things educators enjoy doing on staycations is catching up on their reading. Whether it is non-fiction or fiction, pick up a book and relax. Books can take you on magical journeys, open your mind and give you new insights or simply provide a few hours of entertainment.  Best of all, they need not even cost you anything if you can pop in at your local library. Check out these Top 10 Educational Leadership Books.


Spend Time with Family and Friends

Whether you stay home or go away, vacations are a great time to get back to basics with family and friends. Host a meal or games evening for fun and socializing with the people you care about. Simply hang out together doing things everyone enjoys. There is so much you can do together to reconnect and invest quality time in your relationships during a staycation.



These are just some things educators enjoy doing on staycations that you can too. Do a little research, there are many more fun things you and your family can do during a staycation that won’t cost you the earth and can still be fun and relaxing for everyone. INcompassing Education provides professional development for educators. Meet our team. For more information, contact us

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