7 Best Ways Teachers Can Rejuvenate Over the Spring Break


Teaching is a rewarding yet very challenging job. It takes a significant chunk of your time and heart. And sometimes, you get the feeling that you don’t have much “you” time anymore. Everybody needs happiness, rest, and relaxation. Even teachers need a break, right? There are different areas of self-care – sensory, pleasure, physical, mental, spiritual, and social. In this post, we will enumerate seven ways to rejuvenate over spring break.


1. Have Fun

Unwind and enjoy yourself. Now, you have time to do a movie marathon or binge-watch the new TV series you’ve heard about. Playing is another way to rejuvenate over the spring break. This could be anything – board games with your kids, or even a game you can download on your smartphone. But probably the best way to have fun is to have a vacation or an out of town trip with your family. Bonding, relaxation, and recreation all at the same time.


2. Plan a Reunion

Social media sites such as Facebook makes it easy to plan get-togethers with old friends. For instance, you can organize a reunion with classmates back in high school or college. After all, it is fun catching up with friends after so many years. It doesn’t have to be a big gathering. As long as there’s food, games, and long chats, that’s more than enough. It is therapeutic to be around people who know you from way back, plus you’ll also get a chance to be updated about their careers, interests, and personal lives.


3. Beautify Your Garden

Love of nature can bring out feelings of peace, joy, and relaxation. And what better way to bring nature close to home than having your own garden. This particular hobby is rejuvenating and is a definite mood-booster. Aside from flowers, you can also plant vegetables or small fruit-bearing trees. The yield will save you money in the future.


4. Visit Relatives

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to visit your relatives. Anytime is a good time to strengthen family ties. Spring break is a great time for cookouts and family gatherings. Don’t forget to visit your parents! They should be first on your list. They’ll be happy to see you, plus, they’re always willing to give their two cents’ worth on anything under the sun.


5. Start an Exercise or Fitness Routine

Let’s face it – teachers don’t get to do much exercise when there are classes. A sedentary lifestyle is not good. The body is meant to move. Exercising regularly boosts energy, improves cardiovascular health, and lowers the risk of chronic diseases. You can do aerobic exercises (jogging, running), strength exercises (lifting weights, push-ups), and flexibility exercises (yoga, Pilates).


6. Practice Meditation

Meditation means focusing on a particular object, thought, or activity to achieve a peaceful state of mind. It provides numerous health benefits. Meditation reduces stress, improves sleep, lowers blood pressure, controls pain, and promotes emotional health.   


7. Read a Good Book

During the school year, most teachers don’t have enough time to read for pleasure. Now that spring break has come, you can now get your hands on some interesting books. If you need suggestions, read our blog on the top 10 books to read over the spring break.



Teachers need time for themselves to focus on aspects of their lives that may have been neglected or pushed aside. Allocating time for hobbies, family, and friends eliminates feelings of burnout and helps rejuvenate your passion for teaching. Take note of these ways to rejuvenate over spring break, so you’ll be at your best when you return to the classroom.

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