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Professional Development for Teachers in Indiana

INcompassing Education offers high-quality professional development for teachers in Indiana to help them keep up with the ever-changing needs in education. We provide school-based training and seminars at schools in Indiana (on-site PD). INcompassing Education also provides professional development workshops on various topics, such as PBIS, RTI, Classroom Management, Leadership, Data, Alternative Education, School Turnaround, Mental Health, Trauma-Informed Schools, Elementary Math and many more (off-site PD). Additionally, with our Lounge & Learn sessions (online PD), busy educators can choose topics that will meet their needs wherever they are in the world.

The Importance of Professional Development

A good and inspiring teacher can positively impact student achievement. For this reason, it’s crucial to pay attention to how we train and support new and experienced teachers. Professional development should be collaborative, experiential, and address the needs of educators and students.

Support given to new teachers is often inadequate. The sad thing is, some novice teachers are assigned to the most challenging schools without much supervision and support. Almost 50% of teachers leave the profession during the first five years, highlighting the need for addressing the needs of educators to help them cope with such a challenging environment.

Stress, student misbehavior, and pressure for their students to perform well – all these factors can take their toll on any teacher. Mentoring can help new teachers overcome these challenges. It gives them the opportunity to gain best practices and analyze their teaching at the same time. Meanwhile, ongoing professional development keeps experienced teachers up to date on strategies to improve student learning, new curriculum resources, and new technological tools for the classroom.

The INcompassing Education Team

  • Dianne McKinley

Dianne McKinley has been providing professional development for educators for the past 19 years. She holds an Ed.S. in K-12 Educational Leadership from St. Thomas University, M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Georgia State University, and a B.S.Ed. from the University of Georgia. Dianne has been a Building Level Administrator, writing coach, classroom teacher, and an Outreach Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Education.

Dianne has done extensive work with schools and districts on Instructional Coaching, Curriculum Mapping, Strategic Planning, School Turnaround, PBIS, Leadership Mentoring, and so much more. She has experience with STEM, EL, Gifted Education, and Title I.

  • Tiffany Climer

Tiffany Climer is formally trained in RTI, PBIS, the 8-Step Process, and the Literacy Collaborative Framework of best practices. She will be providing on-site professional development and coaching for RTI.

She holds a B.S.Ed. from the Indiana University. For the past ten years, Tiffany has worked with the Richmond Community Schools in Indiana. She served as a kindergarten, 5th grade, and 6th grade teacher.

  • Amanda Rinehart

Amanda Rinehart will be providing professional development for Alternative Education and Classroom Management. For the past 15 years, she has been an educator in urban settings. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration and has a Building Level Administrator license.

Amanda helped schools have higher achievement by developing academic and behavioral plans. She oversaw alternative schools, providing them with data-driven strategies and procedures to help students become successful. In her previous position, Amanda was an Assistant Principal in a school in Indianapolis.



INcompassing Education provides on-site PD, off-site PD, and online PD for teachers. Upgrade your knowledge and skills now! If you have any questions or inquiries, send us a message by visiting our contact page.



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