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Professional Development for Educators – Earn Professional Growth Plan (PGP) Points

A Professional Growth Plan (PGP) for teachers outlines goals, activities, timeline, and action plan for achieving career objectives. A PGP is required to renew a professional educator’s license. Aside from classroom responsibilities, educators attend workshops and conferences, participate in school improvement plans, and take additional coursework to stay current on educational trends and reforms. These activities can be included in the Professional Growth Plan.

There are three types of Professional Growth Plans:

  1. A 90-point PGP is required for the following:
  • Renewal of a 5 or 10-year professional educator license.
  • Renewal of a 2-year Initial Practitioner license for a third time.

Educators must complete 90 PGP points to renew their license. They can choose a variety of experiences to meet this requirement.  Experiences include workshops, conferences, curriculum development, coursework, mentoring, and school improvement plan work.

  1. A 40-point PGP is required for converting a 2-year Initial Practitioner license to a 5- year Practitioner license.
  2. A 36-point PGP is required for Educational Interpreters.

If you are working in Indiana, your Professional Growth Plan will be approved by the school district or LEA.  If you have questions about what’s acceptable for PGP points, ask your principal or superintendent. If you’re working outside of Indiana, your PGP will be approved by the OEEL (Office of Educator Effectiveness and Licensing).

The PGP points will be calculated with one clock hour qualifying as one PGP point. A signed letter from the principal, superintendent, or human resources may be used to verify PGP points. The PGP won’t be approved by the OEEL without the necessary verification documents.

Important Things to Remember:

  • PGP activities should be approved first before the activity takes place.
  • A supervisor may grant blanket approval of certain activities (curriculum or school improvement work)
  • PGP points will be awarded for a minimum of one hour of acceptable activity.
  • PGPs may be awarded using a combination of before/after school contract time.


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