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5 Strategies to Support Mental Wellness During Times of Transition and Uncertainty

Good afternoon, friends. How is everyone doing? I’m sure most of us are responding to the global pandemic that has turned many of our worlds upside down in one way or another. I have certainly been overwhelmed by it all and have spent some time in reflection and in consideration of how to be supportive during this unprecedented time. With so much information, meant to be helpful, coming at us so fast, I wanted to take a minute to offer just a few strategies to support our mental wellness during this time of transition and uncertainty. This isn’t a “how-to” or a one-size-fits all article. It is a group of suggestions that have worked for me and my family and that I sincerely hope might bring peace to you, your staff, your students, their families and your family. 

3 Books to Teach High School Students About Collaboration

3 Books to Teach High School Students About Collaboration

Collaboration is a life skill that we all need to learn. Children go from being very egocentric to developing skills that enable them to work with others. True collaboration requires give and take. It requires us to see other’s perspective, respect other people’s ideas, and compromise. This is not a skill easily learned. Teachers and parents must help high school age students to learn how to successfully collaborate with one another so that they will be able to collaborate as adults in the work place, in their private lives, and to support the community. Read on to find a list of the 3 best books to teach high school students about collaboration.