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At INcompassing Education we strive to support educational leaders by helping to identify needs, build capacity, and promote growth to ensure that all students are able to meet their maximum potential.

Brittany Cooper

“Last summer our PBIS team attended your training. You shared with us a video from the Sumner School District, we were so impressed with it that we have spent all year creating our own. I wanted to share it with you and say thank you for helping inspire us to create it.”

Brian Johnson, Principal Green Meadows Intermediate

“In August 2013, I was a first-year principal of a struggling, low-performing school.  Our school began working with Dianne that September, and we saw an immediate positive impact on staff and student performance.  Dianne supported us in building a foundation that changed the culture and climate of the school.  Over the past 2.5 years, Dianne has become a part of us and helped our school grow in so many ways.  Through Dianne’s work and support, I have become a more effective school leader and our staff has become a stronger team with a better understanding of what it looks like to provide a high-quality education to all students.  Dianne McKinley is a difference maker!”

Matthew Miller, Principal Tri-Central Elementary

“I would highly recommend Dianne McKinley as an educational consultant for your school.  Dianne was instrumental in leading our school from a letter grade of “D” to a letter grade of “A” in just over a year’s time.  Her knowledge and professionalism is second to none.  Dianne has a wealth of experience, including her work with the Indiana Department of Education.  Her depth of knowledge will enhance your school’s best practices and leadership practices.”

Amy McCleery, 1st grade teacher

“I am grateful for Mrs. Creager’s influence upon our daily routines at Mt. Comfort Elementary. While she was at Mt. Comfort, she emphasized mindfulness and implemented cool-down zones in our classroom. She also initiated the Character Counts program —  in which students demonstrate strong character attributes rather than simply learn about them. I teach first grade, and the students who came into my room last year already knew how to reach into their “mental toolboxes” and retrieve tools that Mrs. Creager had put in them the year before so they could be successful each day and in every circumstance. I appreciate  Mrs. Creager’s  work in giving our students the building blocks they need for success in life.”

Ashley Schenck, 5th grade teacher

“Mrs. Creager was an incredible asset to the students and staff within our building.  She had such an amazing way of connecting with students and helping staff members do the same.  I was truly blessed in my time of working with Mrs. Creager to learn so many skills that were helpful in working with students in my classroom.  For example, she taught myself and my class the ability to breathe and relax through times that may have caused anxiety, for example – state testing.  I saw so many students use these skills during testing each day and even after in the general classroom.  Mrs. Creager’s knowledge about mental health would be an asset to any organization or facility.”

Denise Gulley, Fayette County School Corp.

“Our presenter, Avery, was amazing! Love how down to earth she was and she get it. [Elizabeth] was very inspiring.”

Kimber Goddis, Mays Community Academy

“[Elizabeth] did wonderfully, was responsive to questions, and gave/allowed real-world examples. [I am] learning to look at things through a trauma-informed lens.”

Callie Herrenbruck, Perry Township Schools

Kandi Henriott provided an expansive amount of key information for those working with students with social skill deficits through her professional development course titled: 5 Social Skills ALL Teachers Can Teach.  Her course “spoke” to me as a speech-language pathologist. She first provided me with the background knowledge and understanding of social competence, including thorough overview of the neuroscience behind it. After attending her professional development course, I felt confident in implementing the strategies she taught to increase social competence and explaining to other professionals and paraprofessionals, as to why I was implementing those strategies.  My biggest take-away from her course was, “When we can recognize physical signs of emotions in ourselves, we are better able to recognize them in others.” This took my therapy sessions from looking at picture cards of strangers expressing a variety of emotions to speaking with my students about what they are feeling and how their body is showing it.”

Lucetta Sabo, 4th Grade Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary

“Kandi’s class was interesting, informative, and organized with a diverse mixture of techniques. I left with copies, notes, and procedures that I constantly use in my classroom. Kandi’s class was exactly what I was looking for to improve my classroom management techniques, and I would certainly attend another professional development class she was leading.”

Dr. Jake Allen, Assistant Superintendent Mooresville Consolidated School Corp.

Dr. Danny Mendez is one of the most passionate educators that I have met in my 20 years in the field. Danny has shown amazing success with some of the most challenging student demographics; his knowledge, experience, and energy will undoubtedly benefit your leadership and improve student learning in your district.  Dr. Mendez is truly one of the best!   

Mrs. Lora Hansell, Principal in Perry Township Schools

“As a school administrator I have had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Danny Mendez for six years and experienced firsthand the impact of his leadership.  He is a very passionate educator that works tirelessly to put student-centered systematic approaches in place to positively impact student achievement. Dr. Mendez has a passion for growing strong leaders and has helped many school leaders effectively implement the technical and cultural change necessary to increase their school’s student achievement.  Danny is an amazing educator that has made it his life’s work to help others lead successful schools.”

Kim Corsaro, Asst. Superintendent of Fayette County Schools

 “[Amanda gave a] great presentation and information. [She is] very knowledgeable and came with a lot of great ideas.”

J.P. Mayer, Teacher at Hauser Jr-Sr High

“[Amanda is] speaking from experience and we appreciate that. [She] definitely gave me some strategies for the classroom and that’s exactly why I came today. Thank you!!

Lauren A., Elementary EL Teacher

“The change from LAS Links to WIDA was overwhelming, especially with the introduction of the new English Language Development Standards.  Lynette’s professional development was organized and informative for our teachers and allowed them to relax during the implementation. She was very knowledgeable about the changes coming and walked our teachers through the steps necessary to connect the English Language Development Standards to the Indiana College and Career Readiness Standards in our general education classrooms.”

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